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My first vehicle was a 1968 F250 with a 360 cu. in. engine and a four-speed transmission.  I was 16 and my truck was 11 years old.  I can't remember exactly how many miles it had on it, maybe 115K.  I paid $1050 for the truck.  The bottom line on it:  It was a workhorse.

I put an ad in the local weekly newspaper for light hauling, and I had a business.  I also used it to haul around my dad's lawn tractor and mow lawns.  And I had another business.  Looking back, it was kind of interesting that I was making about three times what my friends made in their part time jobs, in about half the time.  The joys of working for yourself -- but that's another story.

Eventually I traded the truck for a 1963 Dodge Dart convertible with a pushbutton automatic.  Go figure.

Through my adult life I have always perked up when I spotted a sharp (or even not so sharp) older Ford truck.  About 10 years ago I finally bought a 1973 F250 4x4 highboy.  It had a 390 with an automatic.  It didn't quite have the spunk that my '68 had, but it was still a cool truck.  To me, it's biggest problem was a leaking exhaust donut coming off of the manifold.  I never quite overcame the problem. 

My wife, at the time, never really liked the truck.  She certainly tolerated it, but it was a bit uncomfortable.  I think the 35" tires and 2.5' step-up into the cab was a contributing factor.   Anyway, I ended up selling it for the same price that I paid for it and bought a 2000 F250 Super Duty 4x4 as a replacement.  Not a bad deal.  I still have that truck, and love it.

I've never quite been able to shake my love of the older trucks.  They all turn my head -- beautiful or beaten.  About six months ago I started thinking about buying another old Ford.  About three months ago I started looking.

At that time, I actually called about a 1969 Ford step-side.  I ended up not going to look at the truck because the owner and I miss-communicated on the meeting logistics.  It was really my fault, but I didn't make the 65 mile trip to look at the truck.

In the next couple of months I looked at one truck.  A 1979 F100 that a guy was asking $10K for.  Sounded a bit high, but it was close to my house.  Turned out it had a Maaco paint job and an engine re-build with an indeterminate pedigree.  I actually had to laugh at the price.  Needless to say, I didn't buy that truck, even though the 1979 grille style is probably my favorite.

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